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THE PLACE OF HEALING, Sahuarita, AZ 85614 and 800 N Swan, Ste 118, Tucson, AZ 85711

The Place of Healing offers a Traditional, as well as, an Integrative Psychotherapy Practice.  We offer treatment for issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, chronic illness, relationship difficulties, trauma, abuse, addictions, life transitions, among others.  We believe that we all have the ability to make the necessary changes in order to have a more meaningful life.
We offer our counseling services in our offices and online through  our secure HIPPA compliant video conference Telemedicine service.

Our Integrative Psychotherapy Practice uses Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Therapies, with those who request them, to assist in problem resolution.  Therapies such
as Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery ,Regression Therapy, Energy Medicine, Meditation, and Essential Oil Therapy can often augment traditonal therapy and lead to a deeper understanding of core issues related to your problem.

We recognize that it takes courage to accept assistance when your usual coping skills are overwhelmed.  We applaud those who take that step toward healing their lives and encourage those who are reluctant to call us, so we can discuss how we may be of help to you.

We a take whole person approach, recognizing that you are more than your symptoms. Our goal is to assist you to resolve the underlying issues that contribute to your distress.  We request that you take an active role in your treatment and we work in collaboration with you to assist you to accomplish your goals.

 You hold the key to unlock whatever issues are blocking your healing and our goal is to teach you to use that key.                   .

It Takes:
♦ A desire to change, to get out of emotional pain.
♦ A willingness to step out of your fear and do something different.
♦ Action, even when you believe that the outcome is uncertain.
♦ A willingness to tolerate a possible increase in pain in the beginning of therapy, leading to resolution at the end.
♦ A willingness to exam your thoughts and behavior and change those that contribute to your distress.


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